Sound Bites: Otis the Destroyer at Tears of Joy Hot Sauce


If you’ve checked in on Ovrld more than a few times this year, then you’re probably well aware we’ve got a big time crush on Otis the Destroyer. Between their dynamic live show and their excellent new EP Dark Arts, it’s no wonder they continue to build up a sizable fanbase, which is why it was an easy decision to have them be the first band featured in our new video series Sound Bites. The idea behind Sound Bites is to talk with our favorite bands at some of our favorite local establishments, sampling what they have to offer during the interview. We paired Otis the Destroyer’s Taylor Wilkins with the Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop because we felt Taylor could take the heat. Sorry, we had to get at least one hot sauce joke in there. We hope you’ll enjoy the interview and check out what Otis the Destroyer and Tears of Joy Hot Sauce have to offer (personally, we think they both go pretty well with pizza and beer) and keep an eye out for our next installment of Sound Bites. Thanks to Nate Abernethy and Carlos Matos for putting this whole thing together!