Video Premiere: Fuck Money “Apollo”

Every so often a band comes along and shakes off whatever “punk is surely dead” decay is accumulating in your brain. Fuck Money is without question that band in this moment. An alliance of BLXPLTN’s TasZlin Muerte and Future Death’s Alton Jenkins, Bill Kenny and Jeremy Humphries, Fuck Money frame Muerte’s iconic snarl with Jenkins’s percussive onslaught, full of blitzkrieg fills and off-kilter rhythms, leaving Kenny and Humphries to glue it all together with howling fuzz and rapidly ascending riffs. In Fuck Money’s music emotions run rampant and ricochet off walls of noise, from angry, violent bursts of sonic rage to joyous soaring hooks– it’s music that exists within the apathy of information overload and revolts against it.

For Fuck Money’s latest, “Apollo,” they lean into how delightfully terrifying their sound can be, with a video that  looks like somebody uploaded their mod of Manhunt onto PornHub. The video is credited to @T4MP0NDX with the sole performer listed as @_Sex.Boi2.0_, further heightening the mystery of this deliciously bizarre monstrosity of a video. “The band invites you to decide for yourself what it all means,” reads the press release, so without further ado, we’ll let you do just that: