Exclusive Video Premiere: Austin Mic Exchange Cypher Vol. II

Austin Mic Exchange has been providing a platform for new hip hop talent to show off and develop their skills for several years now, and their latest cypher video allows some of the community’s top new talent to take the spotlight. Set in Exploded Records at Juiceland, the video has Ben “McNasty” Buck, Valor Alan, Aggie, N∆TE, Chuck Duze, You F. Oh and K-Sol trading verses on a Ben Buck beat. Adam Protextor’s video emphasizes the familial feel of the group, sticking to a long take of the emcees pushing each other around metaphorically and literally against a backdrop of vinyl and posters. You can download the track for free here, and be sure to check out Austin Mic Exchange every Wednesday at 8 pm at Spider House Ballroom.