Exclusive Video Premiere: Abuzayed the Free “So Much Swag”

Abuzayed the Free left Austin for the greener pastures of New York not too long ago, and ever since she’s been hard at work finding a bigger audience for her enlightening brand of hip hop. We’re pleased to bring you an example of that today with the premiere of the video for “So Much Swag,” which walks us through a day in the life of Abuzayed in New York City. “So Much Swag” was a standout on Abuzayed the Free’s full length album¬†Worlds Within,¬†detailing the joys and frustrations with being a smart, confident woman in a world that too often punishes that. The video celebrates that as well, split between Abuzayed joyfully talking herself up while hanging out on stoops and dealing with the more irritating facts of city life, like catcallers. Take a look for yourself below and follow Abuzayed the Free for updates on new material!