The Warm Guns

The Warm Guns is the newest roots rock outfit of Ricky Stein, who’s been playing the Austin music scene with various backing bands for years. Ricky and company infuse an eclectic variety of genres into their roots rock tunes. Modern blues, lo-fi rock, dream pop and Americana influences can all be heard on their latest album, Something in the Night, which was released in May.

I wanted to share with y’all the song “Place in My Heart” from that album. The ethereal intro, which is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, fades into a minimal but rich down beat tune. The song’s guitar melodies and rhythms are spaced out and allow each element to breathe and be distinct. On top of the rhythms, Ricky’s voice definitely stood out to me. It’s deep and raspy and provides a great contrast between the high pitched guitar notes and chords. This song represents the laid back feel of The Warm Guns and also packs a punch lyrically. Who can’t relate to the lyrics: “Love is the same you just keep playing the game though you never know just why.”

The Warm Guns - Place In My Heart

If you guys dig “Place in My Heart” you should check out The Warm Guns’ Soundcloud page or their ReverbNation page for some additional tunes or pick up the complete album at Napster for about 10 bucks. The Warm Guns are not currently touring but will be starting up another round of shows soon. Ovrld will keep you guys informed about their upcoming tour dates.