Ovrld Turns Four!

by Carter Delloro


This past weekend SNL celebrated their 40th year in business. It was a festive, irreverent affair that was mostly nostalgic. Some of the skits were updated with new material, but for the most part, they either re-created or just replayed many of their past successes. They’ve earned the right to pause, look back, and take stock.

One day later – yesterday – OVRLD turned four. I want to commemorate it, but I don’t want to look back. Maybe there will be time for that if we make it to next year (the big 5!), but right now, we’re a site that is dedicated to moving forward.

Almost all of the site’s content today is generated by people who weren’t around for our launch. We have new features, new focuses and new brilliant artists to talk about all the time. We are interested in fostering some of the great up-and-coming writing and artistic talents in the city, and they continue to lead us into places we never imagined we’d go.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is our mission. We are dedicated to bringing you the best of Austin music. We may find new ways to do it, but we will always put the musicians first – just like we have from day one. They are the reason we can, and want, to keep doing what we’re doing. And somehow we can all create this community together – a community that brings the physical into the digital and back again.

So here’s to four more years. Or 36 more years! And someday hopefully we’ll be able to point to generations of world-famous musicians that have been viewed, reviewed and interviewed on OVRLD.