Latest Toughs Episode 2: What is Comedy

It’s been a while since Ovrld has had a podcast, so Nick Hanover and Dylan Garsee decided to correct this by turning our singles column The Latest Toughs into a monthly podcast where those two discuss the most notable Austin music of the month with a special guest. This month they are joined by Ryan Darbonne, who has directed videos for A Giant Dog and OBN IIIs, fronts the local hip hop supergroup Space Camp Death Squad and also performs at Coldtowne Theatre. Nick selected ten of the top Austin tracks for Dylan and Ryan to analyze, getting their off-the-cuff, unfiltered opinions. And then one random mystery track was selected from Ovrld’s overstuffed inbox. Here’s what got discussed this month:

Capyac- “Speed Racer”

Shmu- “Pictionary”

The Harvest Thieves- “Bob Dylan’s 78th Hangover”

The Eastern Sea- “Boy in Blue”

Ringo Deathstarr- “Stare at the Sun”

Curbside Jones- “Lag Switch”

Tameca Jones- “Hot and Bothered”

Hustle Man x Cory Kendrix- “Running Game”

Milezo- “Close Your Eyes”

Wiretree- “Another Time”

itcankillyou- “Zombie”