SXSW Preview: Love Inks

As South By draws closer, with new announcements and band confirmations coming to the fore every week, I have made it a point to construct a solid list of bands that I am making sure to see at all costs that you might want to check out also. Love Inks, the local trio, are definitely on that list. The group plays delectable minimalist pop songs that are boiled down to their simplest and most impactful form. Vocals, guitar, bass, drum track and occasional synth riffs incorporate everything you’ll hear on the band’s debut LP E.S.P. which has received national and international acclaim.

The reductionist approach that Love Inks takes toward their music really allows each of their elements to stand out in its full glory. Sherry LeBlanc and Adam Linnell on vocals and guitar respectively really shine on the debut LP with support coming from masterfully crafted drum tracks and Sherry’s husband, Kevin Dehan, on bass. To best hear their unique approach to their sound, I would check out their stripped down cover of “Rock On” by David Essex. Fans of Beach House will like the vibe of Love Inks and fans of Lykke Li should like Sherry’s strong vocals. My favorite track off their debut album is “Blackeye,” take a listen to the track below for minimalist pop magic.

Love Inks - Blackeye

Love Inks were SXSW-confirmed in the first release of band announcements. To catch them sooner than next March though you can head to the Mohawk this Friday for their last local performance before their sprawling tour of the Western US and Canada. Also, I highly encourage you to check out their debut LP E.S.P. which is available at the usual places like here and here.