Ovrld Weekend Recommendations: Paid to Play, Rich Hands, Royal Forest and More

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so maybe you already have some getaway plans. Or maybe everyone else is leaving town and you’re desperate for something to do. Lucky for you, Ovrld has some picks for your weekend escape, whether it’s a hip-hop show for a good cause, an album release by a promising local act or a snazzy Sunday set that leads into a pool party.


Paid to Play DJ Versus The Fraternity Lucky Lounge

You may remember that we reported on Austin’s issues with pay-to-play a while back, and you may also remember that our reporting helped kick off increased awareness of the issue, resulting in everything from a music commission meeting to intense scrutiny of now defunct venues like Infest and Headhunters. But you may not be aware that Joseph Vaughan, aka DJ Versus, took matters into his own hands with the creation of a monthly event at Lucky Lounge called Paid to Play, which shines light on the issue by putting the fair payment of the artists involved front and center. This month’s showcase features The Fraternity, Harvey Hustle and more with DJ Versus between sets. There’s no cover, but EventBrite has a feature that allows you to tip the artists involved.


Rich Hands Hotel Vegas

’50s-inflected rock combo The Rich Hands are throwing a record release at Hotel Vegas, which is the perfect setting for their New York Dolls by way of Black Eyes sound. It doesn’t hurt that the bill also features solid support from Grape Street, who merge their Replacements-like guitar rock with ample harmonies and a slight twang. Rolland Hazzard’s jammy Southern rock is an interesting fit on the bill, and the night should be a sweaty, beer drenched affair to remember.


Living Room The W Orthy Royal Forest

Royal Forest caught some interesting press last year when they recorded an entire song in the claustrophobic confines of a submarine, but the result was more than a gimmick, it was an intriguing deconstruction of normal production that showed off how skilled the band is at creating a giant, ever evolving sound. The W is more ornate and open than a submarine, but it should nonetheless be a great setting for the band’s adventurous take on indie rock. And if that isn’t tempting enough, headliners Orthy will be doing a meet and greet pool party after the show.

Royal Forest | “John Denver” from Hardly Sound on Vimeo.