Friday Night Pick: The Tipping Point with Riders Against the Storm, DJ Charlie, Da’Shade Moonbeam and More

Tipping Point Riders Against the Storm DJ Charlie Da'Shade Moonbeam


We spoke with Riders Against the Storm yesterday about working together to help the people of Ferguson, and they’ve agreed to make tonight’s The Tipping Point event a benefit, with portions of the proceeds going to Ferguson city official and activist Antonio French’s non-profit organization the North Campus, which is an organization dedicated to improving education and community building in Ferguson. But even if it wasn’t a benefit for a great cause at an important time, this would be our pick for the evening. Riders Against the Storm have done great work with The Tipping Point, highlighting Austin’s best and brightest hip-hop acts and up and coming groups from other genres. Tonight’s headliner is Da’Shade Moonbeam, who is a veteran of the ATX scene, both through his slam poetry and his work as half as Blacklisted Individuals. Also on the bill is Sertified, who we recently showcased for his excellent live-action/animation hybrid video “Where I Live.” Tamika Handy and Tree G round out the bill, providing a taste of neo-soul and R&B respectively. You’d be hard pressed to find as much talent and diversity anywhere else in Austin tonight.

– Morgan Davis