Ovrld Recommends: Half-o-ween, Imitari, Thelma and the Sleaze and More

Ovrld Recommends

This weekend brings an eclectic array of mini-festivals, rebirths and delightfully sleazy rock and alt-country. So you might as well embrace the heat, get sweaty and dive in to an especially action packed weekend, beginning with today…



Sure, people joke about Christmas in July, but real partygoers know if you want a really good time, you make Halloween come early. That’s the concept behind Half-o-Ween, a celebration of all things kooky and spooky in the decidedly unspooky season that is summer rather than autumn. This year marks the sixth annual Half-o-Ween and the line-up is, ahem, to die for. Not only will local art punk faves Popper Burns and sweet power poppers Mean Jolene grace the stage at Sahara Lounge, you’ll also be treated to scary stories Andrew Hilbert, burlesque by Boner Bizarre and delicious food courtesy of Pakal Autochthonous Mexican Cookery. And it’s only $5!

exploded drawing

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more chill, Exploded Drawing is throwing its 39th event down at the Motion Media Arts Center. Every Exploded Drawing showcase is an incredible spectacle and this one is no different, bringing together local stars like Dr. Bobby Banner MPC and anarchic beat duo NGHT HCKLRS as well as touring acts like Teeko and Zackey Force Funk. As always, Butcher Bear and Soundfounder will be hosting and spinning records once doors open at 9 pm. Admission is only $5, which is a ridiculous bargain for such a stacked event.



Madd Comrades were one of the most underappreciated bands in Austin, wielding a unique and powerful sound, bringing together elements of PJ Harvey with some of the darker corners of the Touch and Go catalog. They went on hiatus for a while, but they’re back now and rebranded as Imitari, a name that does a better job communicating their menacing and mysterious sound. The band has put up some of the recordings from the transition period and they’re impressive, showcasing Allanah Jackson’s powerful voice to great effect, while also emphasizing the inteprlay between the band’s colossal rhythm section and savage guitars. Check out one of their newer recordings below, then be sure to catch them with Basements starting at 7 pm!


Thelma and the Sleaze Birdcloud

It’s fitting that one of the filthies line-ups we’ve seen in ages would be on a Sunday. Hotel Vegas is bringing together two of our faves (and veterans of our SXSW events) Thelma and the Sleaze and Birdcloud for a night of all out debauchery. Both groups are hard to follow on their own, so we can only imagine what kind of black hole of perversion will open when they’re put together. Thelma and the Sleaze make truly grimy rock and roll, while Birdcloud specialize in country songs that sound almost sweet until you notice the words. Both acts like to get down and dirty in their performances, and the sweaty confines of Hotel Vegas is the ideal setting for them. And to sweeten the pot, Mean Jolene will be supporting with their fun garage pop while the Rated Exes represent Texan twang.