The Time is Right for The Sweet Nuthin’

A couple of months ago, the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame announced their fifteen nominees for induction this winter. I’m a bit of a RnRHoF buff so I follow these kinds of announcements closely and I was pleasantly surprised by the list of nominations, which I felt had a lot of solid, underrated bands on it with a few overdue no-brainers. One of those underrated bands was 70s bar band the Faces. “Bar band” might be a bit of a misnomer since it featured an already-famous Rod Stewart on lead vocals and the soon-to-be-Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, but listening to their music (especially the classic single “Stay With Me”) conjures up images of late, boozy nights with questionable characters. The guitars are dirty, the drums are pounding and you’re not quite sure what to make of any of the individuals involved. After their nomination, I revisited the Faces’ discography and my appreciation for 70s bar rock grew tremendously. And that’s why I have come to love the Sweet Nuthin’.

The Sweet Nuthin' - One More Way Of Moving On

I don’t know if the Sweet Nuthin’ know the Faces or enjoy them – the band’s Facebook page lists Neil Young, Gram Parsons, the Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones as influences. (The group’s “Hope This Feeling Turns,” especially, sounds right off of side 2 of Exile on Main Street.) Either way, though, they embody the essence of classic rock similarly to contemporary Philadelphia rockers Free Energy. This would be the favorite local band of the kids in Dazed and Confused if they grew up right now. And “One More Way of Moving On” is their current masterpiece. It’s got a churning rhythm section that recalls the dirtiest Johnny Cash songs, a chorus that can’t be contained in the space provided it, grungy guitars and a laid-back and drawling vocal delivery. It is the soundtrack to the late, boozy nights with questionable characters of the 21st century.

Fortunately for you, if you have any inclination to see the Sweet Nuthin’ play in person, this is the week for you. They are playing every night from now through Friday at different venues across town. Tonight, you can catch them at Stubb’s with He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. Tomorrow – Wednesday – they hit up Frank with The Beta Rhythm and Lola Cola (God, who are all these bands?!). Thursday night they’re slated for the Locals Showcase at the Beale Street Tavern on 6th Street (no cover!), and Friday they’ll be capping off the week with a headlining show at Skinny’s Ballroom. So take your pick! And bring your drinking face.

– Carter