The Newest Upcoming Alien Apocalypse

No, that isn’t a band name – though it would be a pretty badass one. Instead it’s the excuse that some of our favorite bands here at OVRLD are using to throw a concert. The Great Nostalgic have released one of my favorite albums of the year – local or national – with the superb Hope We Live Like We Promised, which I got to speak to lead singer Abram Shook about at great length. The music is full of energy and the lyrics are intelligent and piercing, so if you haven’t heard them before, definitely don’t waste any more time. [paperthreat] (pictured above) is another of my favorite Austin bands, and one of the first bands we covered on this site. They have some electronics to them, which is definitely different from TGN, but combine that with some fantastic live instrumentalism (including trombones and vibraphones). They’ll be releasing a new EP (LP?) some time in November, and needless to say, it is hotly anticipated around these parts.

Real Book / Fake Book - Twin Warrior

The band that’s performing that we haven’t covered before on these pages, though, is Real Book Fake Book, whose name seems to be a reference to the underground jazz tablature book, The Real Book, which itself was a play on the concept of “fake books” – books to help musicians reasonably reproduce popular songs. I mention all of this because RBFB is an instrumental electronic prog group that seems to have nothing to do with any of these genres. There’s very little info about them online, but the above song, “Twin Warrior,” sounds kind of like Frank Zappa’s “Peaches en Regalia” for the 21st century. It embraces its synthesized sounds but mixes that in with live instrumentation. The song maintains a manic energy that keeps it always moving forward.

I’m intrigued to see RBFB in the live setting, and excited to return to [paperthreat] and TGN in a bill that seems tailor-made for me (and hopefully you, as readers of this site!). Below are the details of the show, which also includes local artists and a DJ. Doors are 7 p.m., suggested cover is $3. See you there!


Sunday, October 16
Doomsday Dance Party at Hotel Vegas (East 6th)

The Great Nostalgic –
[ paperthreat ] –
Real Book Fake Book –

Visual Artists:
Storm Foster –
Ashley Carter –
Aaron Whitaker –
Kelly Eoff –
Sam Evans
Sam Gage
Kristen Miciotto
Bethany Dillinger
Matt Talley

Floyd Pinkerton “The Absurdist”