The Endless Sour: Little Brave

Included in the slew of talented groups playing at The Sour Notes curated show this Friday will be Little Brave. The driving force behind this group is the veteran singer/songwriter Stephanie Briggs. She’s been a part of other notable bands in the Austin scene like Rodger Wilko and has also recorded some solo material leading up to her work as/in Little Brave. Under this moniker, Stephanie and crew (Michael Christmas on drums, Brian Singhas on bass and K Philips on keys) have created a sound that is often sparse and folky with occasional romps into the land of Alternative.

With the release of the Wound & Will LP last year and through some additional exposure from the TV show, “Troubadour, TX”, which featured Stephanie, Little Brave has gained critical acclaim and a solid base of followers. Little Brave’s standout vocals and lyrics are impactful enough to win fans on their merit alone and it seems as if they have. Little Brave shares emotional stories that are almost undoubtedly inspired by real events and people. Briggs’ songwriting prowess is on full display with tracks like “Monster” and “Ruin Mine.” These stripped-down songs feel intimate and demonstrate the emotional power of Briggs’ voice.

Ruin Mine by Little Brave

In August, Little Brave will be releasing a new EP titled “Wild.” I was hoping to hear more songs with the sparse folk instrumentation that highlighted Briggs’ powerful vocals on Wound and Will. Yet, on the one single released from the upcoming EP, Little Brave have taken their sound in a different direction. “Cigarette VS Guitar” is definitively more Alternative Rock than Folk and I’ve kind of had mixed feelings about the track. The chorus is definitely catchy and the lyrical quality is still there, as is Little Brave’s pristine musicianship. But there’s something about this track that seems a little too constructed. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the release of the EP and hearing where Little Brave is going next.

Cigarette VS Guitar by Little Brave

Little Brave will be playing The Endless Sour show on the outside stage at 10:30p. Check out Little Brave’s LP Wound & Will at their Bandcamp Page and be on the lookout for the new EP Wild. I’m sure Little Brave will play some of these new songs at the show Saturday. And from what I’ve heard, catching Little Brave live is a must. See y’all at Red 7!