The Carrots – 60s Era Girl Pop at the Mohawk

We try to cover a wide variety of genres and sub-genres within the vibrant Austin music scene to give you guys an overview of what’s happening around town. And what we’ve discovered is that there are awesome little pockets of sub-genres and genre-bending communities of acts all around town. The Carrots, though, are doing something completely unique and bringing back a genre that has long been relegated to the oldies stations. This local six(+) piece, consisting of Austin music veterans, play tunes that are unabashedly inspired by the 60s pop girl groups of yesteryear; think back to The Shangri-Las, The Supremes and The Ronnettes. And with the current trend of vocodered vocals, jarring percussion and outrageous BPM, its definitely soothing to go back to the time of “da doo ron ron” choruses, harmonized female vocals, and clean guitar riffs. The Carrots’ songs stick somewhat close to the themes found in 60s girl group pop The songs talk about boys, being in love and breaking up and who can’t relate to that. Check out the song below to hear how The Carrots put their twist on the American 60s girl group sound.

The Carrots - Secret Since 99

The Carrots will be playing along with LA punk duo, Bleached, and the psychadelic, Rayon Beach, this Monday night at the Mohawk. It’s a stellar lineup if you’re looking for a sampling of bands that fall outside of the traditional indie rock. Also, be prepared for coordinating 60s era inspired outfits and finger-snapping song breakdowns at The Carrots’ live show.