Sphynx are among the many great bands at tonight’s Shears CD release party

We here at OVRLD have been excited for tonight’s Shears CD release party for months now, ever since we first saw them at 501 Studios back in February or March. Everybody should head to the Parish tonight, pay the $8 cover, and enjoy the incredible show that surely awaits us. Yet to say that the Shears are the only reason to look forward to this show would be a massive understatement. Of course there are local stars and recently announced 2011 ACL performers Fresh Millions, as well as clever Brooklynites Hank & Cupcakes, and local group Zlam Dunk, which warrant their own post at some point over the summer. But the group that immediately stands out to me is Sphynx.

Sphynx is a trio of Austin producers who decided to step out from behind the boards and make some music of their own. Their story sounds a lot like an Austin version of Miike Snow, and their music isn’t that far off either. In fact, they’ve already gotten comparisons to Passion Pit and MGMT. I’m going to add the aforementioned Miike Snow and local synth-pop-rockers Speak as reference points for Sphynx’s sound. It’s just all big, shiny synths and guitars that match the massive hooks. Check out “Razberry Wine” for an example of the perfect pop songs that they craft and execute.

Sphynx - Razberry Wine

By all accounts their live show is not to be missed. So if you needed any more reason to hit up the Parish tonight, you’ve got it. And for those of you who are not going to be able to make it to Austin in time, check out Sphynx’s bandcamp site where you can download their newest EP Human Beast for as little as free.