Ovrld Recommends: Simple Circuit, Otis the Destroyer, Night Drive and More

The X-Games are in town this weekend, but in case you don’t feel like making your way down to the Circuit of the Americas Nate Abernethy has plenty of other “X-TREME!” (sorry couldn’t resist) recommendations for you. Whether you want to check out the best garage rock Austin has to offer, experience for yourself what we’ve already seen in The Couch’s new incarnation or dance your ass off surrounded by glittery boys in steel cages there’s something for everyone.


Simple Circuit Borzoi French Inhales Blood Cookie Beerland

If you were lucky enough to win our Mondo Fuzz contest then you’re already busy getting your garage rock fill and thrashing around to Dikes of Holland. But if not, then boy have we got a show for you. I adore Simple Circuit, they’re catchy, diverse, and a ton of fun. After their LP last year received nothing but critical praise, the band has been playing it smart and almost sneaky with just a handful of shows where they are tucked away inside amazing lineups. Their triumphant return to Beerland is here, and they’ve put together a hell of a bill. Gathered together is an assortment of bands we’ve taken notice of in the past with the vigorous Borzoi who we recommended last month, The French Inhales who were featured on 12XU’s Casual Victim Pile II, visiting and varied Minneapolis weirdos Blood Cookie and last minute addition Pollen, whose new EP is more catchy than gonorrhea in Lubbock. This is the show you can arrive early, grab a seat, most likely find yourself leaving the seat for front stage and see band after band that you will enjoy. Doors are 9 at Beerland!


Otis the Destroyer Gypsy Lounge X Games

If you were unfortunate enough to miss Otis The Destroyer’s album release a couple of weeks back, don’t fret. Now is your chance to make up for lost time and maybe fall in love with a few other bands too. Otis The Destroyer will continue their momentum from their well-received EP as they headline Gypsy Lounge’s newly pimped out outdoor stage. Joining them will be soulful indie-rocking nomads Stella The North. I’ve only previewed a few tracks, all of which sent chills down my spine, and I’m eager to see what a full set from Stella The North has to offer as well as possibly hound them for an ETA on a proper release. The real reason to catch this show and to arrive early to it though is Forty Dead Men. The old school bluesy rock n’ rollas deliver a hell of a live performance that has included dancing across bar tops, piggy-back rides from eager audience members and maybe a smashed window or two. Fresh off acquiring a tour bus, they’re gearing up to take on the whole US this fall with the release of their full-length album. Be sure and show up at 8pm sharp at Gypsy Lounge as this is not to be missed. It’s only $5, and good news X-Gamers! You get in free!


Rain live Night Drives

So there I was going about my usual weekend preview duties, sizing up a few different Sunday shows. There were a few lineups that were nothing to scoff at, but nothing that we haven’t covered before either. Then, what the actual hell? Night Drive? At Rain? Yep you heard it right, Rain on 4th is launching a music series and boy did they start off strong. As if the drink specials alone weren’t enough to get you there, they’re presenting a free show with two of the most fun and interesting bands out of Austin. Kicking things off will be the electronic influenced R&B goddess Serafia. From tracks that are downright trance to pop oriented dance numbers that could have been designed for a 90s boy band, Serafia is intriguing with a voice that can jumps octaves like Frogger on steroids. Then no introduction is needed for electro-pop duo Night Drive whose popularity has exploded with the huge success of last year’s single “Drones”. With a recently released batch of remixes and who knows what secret mission in the works it’s going to be a great time to welcome back the duo and delay Monday just a little bit longer. Doors are at 9pm at Rain on 4th with no cover charge and a slew of cheap drinks. See you there!