The Noise Revival Orchestra Songs of Forgiveness

The Noise Revival Orchestra has been a part of the Austin Music scene since 2006. Over the past 5 years, this orchestral pop collective grew to 25 members, has been featured on MTVU and has had their music used in various films and television spots. In its current form, The Noise Revival Orchestra includes 8 members who play guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, piano, flute, bass and drums. The collective cites a wide variety of influences including Wendy Carlos, Philip Glass and Debussy but their most recent music seems to be situated in the orchestral pop genre rather than the avante garde.

The Noise Revival Orchestra - Songs of Forgiveness

For their latest EP, Songs of Forgiveness, The Noise Revival Orchestra teamed up with ATX super-producer Danny Reisch of Good Danny’s. Danny has produced albums for some of the biggest Austin acts including: The Bright Light Social Hour, Suzanna Chofel, White Denim and Golden Bear. With the help of Danny Reisch, The Noise Revival Orchestra have created an EP full of beautifully symphonic pop songs that are melody rich and very danceable. The standout track for me was the title track. “Songs of Forgiveness” includes multiple melodic lines, harmonized vocals and a low fi guitar outro. A major highlight throughout the whole EP was the work being done on the violin and the flute. These instruments bring a folk rock sound to all of the songs and drive the emotion behind the songs. Even though the EP is heavily layered with many different instruments and melodies, the songs are given room to breathe. With their instrumentation, The Noise Revival Orchestra maintained a balance between simple and impactful and lush and layered.

You can stream the full Songs of Forgiveness EP on their site at: or buy it on iTunes. Also catch them on September 3rd at the Parish before they venture away to foreign lands.

2011 is shaping up to be a big year for The Noise Revival Orchestra. We’ll keep you posted on any news about the collective.