The Festival of New Horizons: Waldo & the Naturals

This Saturday at the Parish is the Festival of New Horizons. Though not as high profile as ACL, the Fun Fun Fun Fest, or even next weekend’s Wild Frontier Festival (more on that to come), there are going to be several local artists there whom we at OVRLD have covered in the past. Fortunately, in this city of never-ending talent, there are over a dozen other local artists I – and likely you – have never encountered. One of the ones that sounds most promising is Waldo & the Naturals.

Waldo & the Naturals - Tender is the Night

Sporting a retro vibe in the same vein as Fitz & the Tantrums, Waldo & the Naturals recall the sweet vocal harmonies and pop-centered stylings of 60s icons like the Beach Boys and the Zombies. Their songs deal with timeless themes of love, loss and being done with school for the day, and surround those lyrics with uptempo, major-key music. Shifting tempos and unexpected – but not unwelcome – chord progressions keep this music interesting for modern listeners who may otherwise be wary about another retro act. I’m excited to see how their style translates in the live setting, but if you can’t make it to the show or if you want to grab more of their material prior to Saturday, head on over to their bandcamp page to grab a free copy of their new EP, the cleverly titled EP1. And in case you’re curious, here’s the rest of the line-up at the Parish this weekend:

1:10-1:40- the sweet nuthin
12:15-12:55- motel aviv – Ovrld Feature – MoTel Aviv Release Postmodern Nation
11:15-12:00- deadbeat darling
10:15-11:00- ghostbunny
9:30-10- noise revival orchestra – Ovrld Feature – The Noise Revival Orchestra Songs of Forgiveness
8:45-9:15- the baker family
7:50-8:30- waldo & the naturals
les rav – Ovrld Feature – Les RAV
7:00-7:30- elaine greer
6:15-6:45- stereo is a lie
5:30-6- auroravore
4:45-5:15- shakey graves – Ovrld Feature – Shakey Graves: Austin’s Finest Freak Folk
4:00-4:30- ethan kennedy
3:30-3:50- grinning man
3-3:20- maryann and the revival band
2:30-2:50- the magnificent snails
2:00-2:20- CJ Vinson
1:30-1:50- federal! state! local!
1-1:20- silver ships

– Carter