Ovrld Recommends: Sweet Talk, Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business, Leopold and His Fiction and more

It’s a packed weekend with the positively epic Scootenanny dance party featuring Neon Indian, Octopus Project, Night Drive and a slew of other grooving machines on Saturday and a ton of great visiting bands, including personal favorite The Front Bottoms. Which is why we’ve provided a few extra suggestions for safe havens from the biker invasion known as ROT RALLY that just happen to have some amazing shows lined up to. There’s no shortage of shows no matter where your tastes lie as this week brings us a few friendly punks and a helluva noise-making duo, the most whiskey heavy prom you’ll find since your senior year out in east Texas and a rocking show featuring everyone’s favorite mustachioed man crush. – Nate Abernethy



Sweet Talk Beerland

Start your weekend off right with punk rockers Sweet Talk, whose fantastic October release Flash of Light made our list of top Austin albums of 2013. Sweet Talk seems to balance the impossible task of being catchy and poppy while maintaining an earthy punk with disarming ease. Whether they’re crooning along with a teasing bluesy riff on “Poor Souls” or quickly pacing through power pop single “Never Alone”, you can be certain they’ll always be sickly sweet. Joining them is Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, a band we’ve been taking notice of for quite some time now and not just because of their awesome title. The garage punk duo have been plugging away steadily on the scene making their name and noise known. It’s difficult as a two-piece to gain notoriety on your own and not just be known as the talented opener, but they are among the elite duos that can pull it off. With Steve Pike’s guitar and vocals alternating between distantly dreamy to vividly fierce and a heavy drum presence from Jacob Cruz, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes has a great grungy feel that maintains a fun driving force throughout sometimes 8 minute long tracks. Also on the bill are soulful true garage rockers The Holy Smokes and noisy post-punk band Khufu Kingdom. Doors are 9pm at Beerland!


Whiskey Prom White Horse


I know, I know there’s no way in hell you’re missing that Scoot Inn show especially if you were lucky enough to win our contest. I don’t blame you, but just bear with me. Maybe around 9 o’clock for whatever insane reason you’re burnt out on dancing and you’ve had you’re day party fill satisfied with seeing Holiday Mountain and Orthy. You need refreshments and a change of pace. How does some whiskey and a proper hoedown sound? Welcome to Maven Made’s Whiskey Prom! Look I’ll be honest… I hate country. Not in an all-encompassing way, but the majority just doesn’t do it for me. So if I’m telling you to bail on an epic dance party to check out anything-country oriented you should either listen to me or tell the doc to up my meds.

A mix of proper weirdo Austin satire and straight up bluegrass fun Clyde & Clem’s Whiskey Business will keep the party going throughout the night. With tracks ranging from Buffalo Bill tribute “People Suit” to a near Yackety Sax-like intro on “She Ain’t Got None,” these boys are goofy and entertaining but most importantly know how to jam and get your feet a movin’. Get there early and you’ll catch The Gents, who sound like a better version of every indie folk band you love; with everything from rock ballads fit for early 2000s radio to proper funky folk tunes you’ll be grateful you showed up. We’re particularly excited by the promise of down and dirty bluesgrass band The Sour Bridges. They’re the best of the bunch of what I’d like to dub “porch music.” Diverse, catchy tunes that you can’t help but tap your foot along to while you sip a tallboy on the front porch. Should be a fun night with a special Utopia Fest ticket giveaway, see you there doors at 9 for $5 at The White Horse!


Jazz Mills Leopold and His Fiction Otis the Destroyer Cheer Up Charlies


I know what you’re thinking. OVRLD just can’t shut up about Otis The Destroyer and you’re partly right, but this time their appearance is just a side effect of their knack for joining amazing lineups. No, we’re demanding you attend this show for one reason and one reason only. Daniel James. The Cowboy and Indian member is bringing his SF band Leopold & His Fiction’s lengthy tour right here to the city that has forcefully adopted the Detroit native. I’ve seen Leopold & His Fiction play to jam-packed eager fans, crowds of passer-by who immediately find themselves intent listeners and nearly empty rooms. You know what was consistent each and every time? An unbridled enthusiasm that always delivers a hell of a performance as his gravely voice carries across any expanse of space to hit you right in the chest. The soulful blues soaked rockers will be joined by Otis The Destroyer as they prepare to gear up for tour, Mangham Parker of alt-country The Low Lows fame and fresh off his solo tour Americana artist Corey Baum as they celebrate Cowboy & Indian’s lovely leading lady Jazz Mill’s belated birthday. Bring your pops out for a beer and some cupcakes and drop a donation or three for the bands, doors are at 9 at Cheer Up Charlie’s!