Last Name London, First Name Theophilus (Wants You)

There is a very cool concert event going down in Austin this Saturday night with one of the rap games coolest up-and-coming artists, Theophilus London. Not only is the Trinidad-born and Brooklyn-raised London a trend setter in the sneaker game, he is also one of the most interesting and creative hip-hop artists making music right now (I will refrain from ranting about Odd Future’s current brand of “creativity” here).

Tomorrow night’s show will take place at Lustre Pearle, and is an exclusive partnership with, Dell and Intel to create a truly interactive experience. In short, this “special engagement” aims to lessen the divide between London and his fans by allowing people to vote via Facebook and Twitter on an exclusive remix he will premiere at the show, send in shout-outs for London to make from the stage, submit visual representations of his album “Timez are Weird These Days” to be displayed during the set and even pick the shirt London will wear on stage. Therefore, Austinites and those from around the world will have a unique opportunity to interact with the rapper and put some of their own creativity on display as TL performs hits like “Flying Overseas” and my personal favorite, “Why Even Try.”

To learn more about this really unique engagement, head to Noisey’s Twitter page or Dell’s Facebook page and enter for you chance to score tickets to what will surely be a show to remember. But even if you don’t get in, you can still head to LIVESTREAM tomorrow night and catch the show their from the comfort of your own home.

– Brittany