Guns of Navarone

After a pretty electro-heavy week so far here at OVRLD, we’re shifting gears with Guns of Navarone. There’s not a keyboard or synthesizer to be found anywhere in this group’s output; instead, they rely on good old drums, bass and guitars to produce their catchy take on country-rock. If you’re a fan of the Old 97’s, then every one of the three songs on Guns of Navarone’s Singles EP is worth checking out. For example, here’s “I Am Taking You Tonight”:

Guns of Navarone - I Am Taking You Tonight

Guns of Navarone aren’t radically reinventing the country-rock genre, but they hit all the right notes. The lyrical themes – jealously, loneliness, drunkenness – are also pitch perfect for the music. Unfortunately, Guns of Navarone don’t appear to have released any new material since this EP came out last year. My suggestion is to go see lead singer Cory Reinisch on Friday at Thunderbird Coffee, or the full band at Threadgill’s on July 15th and bug them to tell you when the new material is due to arrive. In the meantime you can stream the whole EP here.