Fourth of July Weekend Round-Up

It’s Fourth of July weekend, so of course there are a ton of parties going on. We decided to round up everything we know about to help you pick where to go.



Hot Summer Nights Vulcan Gas Company DJ Versus

Versus Productions is throwing a huge party at Vulcan Gas Company tonight, with DJ Versus manning the DJ booth all night while a number of ATX hip hop vets from Chris Chirp to T-Flasha and beyond do support. There will be champagne giveaways and the event is free for everyone over 21, with the option of VIP wristbands for premium service.


Body Rock Stankonia Empire Control Room

Meanwhile, at Empire Control Room, the regular Body Rock event is doing a tribute to Outkast and Stevie Wonder fittingly called Songs in the Key of Stankonia. The collaboration between DJ Chorizo Funk and Riders Against the Storm is always a great time, but the combo of this concept and a holiday weekend makes for an especially exciting night.


Tejas Voodoo Swan Dive


If you want something that will get your temperature up in a different way, Swan Dive has a night of Burlesque with Moonshine Mafia and Lindsay Hightower, with live backing music from the Hightower Band. I’m pretty sure this is a free event, and Swan Dive is an excellent place for burlesque, thanks to its speakeasy vibe and lush aesthetic.


The Spoils Gypsy Lounge


Gypsy Lounge is also throwing a physical party, except in their case it’s with pogoing and mosh pits through their local punk showcase. The highlights here are surf punks The Spoils, featuring members of New China and Math Patrol, and the Holy Smokes, a pop punk group that truly shines in the live setting. $5 gets you six great bands and that’s a hell of a bargain no matter how you cut it.



Gypsy Lounge 4th of July


Gypsy Lounge goes proggy with their 4th of July show, featuring A.M. Feelgood, Pelicrane and other math rock outfits. It’s $5 but Dos Equis and Espolon are sponsoring and word is there will be lots of giveaways and free drinks to make it even more worth your while.


Swan Dive 4th of July


Swan Dive adds donuts to the mix for their 4th celebration, bringing together full fledged partiers Total Unicorn, Night Drive and NGHT HCKLRS and more for a dual stage event curated by the Loyalty Firm. This one is also five bucks but you get a lot of action for that cash.


Karaoke Underground


If you’re in central Austin and don’t want to stray too far and want a more personal party with friends, then Karaoke Underground at Nomad is an excellent choice. Their first Saturdays residency syncs up perfectly with 4th of July and their song book includes patriotic classics like “California Uber Alles,” “Freedom of Choice”¬†and “American Jesus.” Seriously though, Karaoke Underground is always fun and if you haven’t sampled it yet, now is as good a time as any.


Hotel Vegas 4th of July

The Cold Lampin’ DJs and Hotel Vegas have a mega event planned for the 4th, complete with a dunking booth, a swimming pool, a crawfish boil and free hot dogs. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, Vockah Redu and Katey Red will be bringing out some New Orleans bounce to make this a dance party you’ll never forget.


Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic


For folks looking for a major outdoor event, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic is the biggest event in town, bringing together country legends like Merle Haggard, Leon Russell and Asleep at the Wheel for a twangy extravaganza. It would be hard to find a line-up of country greats that could compare with this one on any day of the year but it being on the 4th makes it all the more impressive.