Ovrld Recommends: Chipper Jones, Dre Day and More


We’re getting dangerously close to SXSW, so before things get out of control, why not indulge in some local focused shows this weekend? Whether it’s a group of atmospheric post-rock bands at Scoot Inn, or locals throwing a Dre Day party at Holy Mountain or a Sunday bill dedicated to twos, the other magic number, at Spider House, there’s plenty of fun to be had.


Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones are headlining a great instrumental-leaning show at Scoot Inn tonight and if you listened to Chipper Jones Two Rooms EP, then you know that the live setting is where they really shine. But I’m especially intrigued by Food Group’s placement on this bill. I praised the shoegaze-y band recently for sounding a lot more lively than their shoegaze peers, but I have yet to catch them live. I think their new EP Echo Location has the potential to sound even more epic and expansive in the live sphere, and though they’re not really an instrumental band, I can see why they would get placed alongside post-rock groups like Chipper Jones. With the weather taking a nosedive into the grey abyss this weekend, this might be the perfect bill for letting out all your mopey weather woes



Dre Day

The second annual Dre Day will be going down at Holy Mountain tomorrow, and we can’t recommend this bill enough. Outside of chronic Ovrld faves P-Tek and Space Camp Death Squad mastermind Doc Brown, the show will also feature Bird Peterson teaming up with Kid Slyce, Crew 54 doing their thing and KOOP’s Miss Manners DJing alongside DJ Grossyall. For anyone who has been sleeping on the ATX hip hop scene, this serves as a pretty great introduction to some of Austin’s top talent, all paying tribute to one of hip hop’s greatest living legends. What’s not to love?



2 22 Fest Spiderhouse

Spider House Ballroom and Affordable Sound are putting on an event dedicated to twosomes on Sunday, complete with $2 drinks and two stages. The highlight of the bill for us is Ghost Wolves, a swampy garage rock pair who get a whole hell of a lot of sound out of their minimalist configuration. Sundays are sleepy around here but Ghost Wolves are a perfect pick me up for a deadend weekend, and they’re even more fun after you’ve thrown back a number of those two dollar drinks.

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