Catch Bali Yaaah, Knifight & FM Campers at Club DeVille

This Friday night Skellies, the local bicycle crew, presents a show featuring three of the most intriguing indie electro bands in Austin. Bali Yaaah, Knifight and FM Campers all bring a unique mix of influences to the synth rock genre and having them all on one bill together will really showcase just how far our local bands are pushing the genre forward. Knifight create heady and danceable synth pop that is heavy on the beats and the bass. Check out a sample of their music and some more information about the group in our previous write up of the band. FM Campers, a local three-piece, layer melodic blips and blops, percussion and vocals in their explorations of experimental noise pop. Check out their song “Bear in a Box” in Carter’s review of their latest EP here. To complete the stellar lineup there’s Bali Yaaah who play psychadelic synth pop complete with organ leads, growling bass and howling vocals backed by drum machines and lofi distorted guitar.

Bali Yaaah recently released their first EP titled Never Early Always Fate and on this album the synths gets sinister. Mixing voodoo sounds with droning psychadelic guitar, the group has a darkwave tone that sends chills. The band also mixes eclectic percussion beats into the songs and draw inspiration from various types of world percussion. Check out “Fond of You” below for a sample of their sound. I’ve yet to see these guys play live but from what I hear it’s a great show. Crazy lights and motion support the music and make for an immersive experience.

Catch the show tomorrow at Club DeVille. It’s only 5 bucks and there’ll be free beer and a free giveaway of Bali Yaaaah’s latest EP packaged with a unique MP3 player. The doors open at 9p. DJ Scorpio will be spinning before and after the bands which start at 9:45. If you’re a biker, Skellies will be taking a leisurely, meandering ride from The Grackle to the venue beginning at 8p. You’ll arrive in style and gain free entrance to the show if you can handle the approximately 5-10 mile ride.

– Dan