Ovrld Recommends: True Sincerity Release Show, Big Bill and More


Yes, it’s Super Bowl weekend, but there are still plenty of non-athletic events to partake in, whether it’s a new print publication’s release show, Big Bill doing their Bill thing down at Hotel Vegas or a night of great music by women fronted bands on Super Bowl Sunday itself. Take a peek!  – Nick Hanover



True Sincerity

Our friend Bryan Parker from Pop Press International has launched a new print publication called True Sincerity and the release show they’ve put together at Cheer Up Charlie’s for issue two is pretty impressive. The Marmalakes have long been one of our favorite groups and they’re joined here by hazy indie rocksters Feverbones, sultry electro crooners Gold Beach, and symphonic pop group Linen Closet. But to make it even more tantalizing, True Sincerity will also be unveiling a mini documentary on local producer Danny Reisch, the mastermind behind Good Danny’s and the Marmalakes’ producer. It’s only $5 (isn’t everything in Austin?) so come on out and do your part to stave off the death of all print media.



Big Bill Hotel Vegas

We really love Big Bill. We especially love their brand new EP The Second Bill, so we are morally obligated to demand you go see them on Saturday night at Hotel Vegas. They’ll be opening for the heavily hyped Yonatan Gat, a New York noisenik who was formerly in Monotonix and won the Best Guitarist of 2013 title from the Village Voice. His style is a mix of blues and psych with some world influences, which the dude has questionably described as “homeless between the Middle East and New York.” It kind of sounds like a Grateful Dead fanatic unleashing a bunch of grimy licks while whoever drums for the Black Keys makes a shamble in the back. I’m not into it, but maybe you will be. But hey! Big Bill! $5!


Carry Illinois

We reviewed Carry Illinois’ album Siren last summer and thought it showed a lot of potential, so their show at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Sunday would be a good time to catch up and see how the band and their intriguing blend of studio trickery and folk is coming along. They’ll be joined by the more country-tinged Ali Holder, who has a gorgeous voice, similar in tone and wisdom to Iris Dement. Also on the bill is Christy Hays, whose new album O’Montana has the twangy eclecticism of Joe Ely, but Hays’ voice is somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Elizabeth Cook. The Super Bowl might make downtown a total shitshow, but this bill at Cheer Up Charlie’s is an excellent refuge from the potent mix of steroids and bros on 6th.

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