Relive Recent History with Brownout

It’s almost a blur now. Like the guitarist’s right hand at the end of one of his solos. I can recall the movement of the crowd, the taste of the drinks, and the nine people packed onto the tiny stage in the corner of the upstairs bar. But as I sit here listening to their album, the memory of the live sound of Brownout is blending into the reality of their recording. This, I suppose, is always the way it goes with concerts, but fortunately Brownout is playing another show this week at the same spot.

Last Thursday, I saw Brownout at Lambert’s for $8, and it was worth every penny. Brownout is essentially the alter ego of Grupo Fantasma, but with more of a Santana-ish Latin rock focus. To that end, all of their songs are built on polyrhythmic grooves and feature elaborate solos – usually from guitarists Adrian Quesada and Beto Martinez, and trombonist Leo Gauna. Every band member, though, gets his moment to shine, and each is clearly a gifted musician.

The reason I bring all of this up is that they are playing Lambert’s AGAIN this Thursday, and I highly recommend it (not to add to your busy Thursday to-do list, but…to add to it). There wasn’t a down moment in the whole set, and they are a joy to witness for musicians and non-musicians alike. If you’re not sold, here’s a track from their 2008 debut Homenaje to help seal the deal:

Brownout - Larerdo 77

We’ll see you at Lambert’s on Thursday, and keep you informed about Brownout’s upcoming album late this summer.