I’m at heart a creature of habit and a loyalist. I enjoy the excitement and adventure of discovering new creations, but I also can very easily fall into a comfortable pattern of going out and see the same five bands every month and having a blast doing it. Saturday the entire OVRLD crew will be at Mohawk to record a performance by Otis The Destroyer whose EP has only grown on us more and more as they headline along with Fort Worth’s slick bluesy Oil Boom, twangy upbeat rockers Chancellor and the shockingly groovy garage group Blynd Birds. These are all great shows we would love to recommend. But we won’t… Instead here are the best shows to take a gamble and discover something new along with us.



I’ve been noticing a lot of talented friends making their way further east to play The Lost Well, a little known venue to myself and after some brief investigation discovered why. It’s a blossoming hidden gem that has packed bill this Saturday. Headlining is Sabbath Crow who possess both an eyesore of a website that hurts my soul, and an intriguing droney intro that gives way to a slowed down growly metal-laced sound that piqued my interest. Lead singer J. “Crow” Bybee has a rumbly old school voice that is truly unique and pretty damn enticing. Also billed is hard rock band Superfoot, Arson Saints’ leftovers Ultra Wolf and Party Wizard. Everything kicks off at 10pm at The Lost Well!



You might notice quite a few familiar faces here with garage pop trio Pollen, countrified rock outfit Rolland Hazzard, longtime Hotel Vegas rockstars The Bad Lovers, the recently spotlighted The One-Hitters and many many more. But maybe there are also a few appearances by your new favorite band. Genre-rejecting Annabelle Chairlegs, head-bop inducing surf jangle Schwein!, Boston rockabilly group The Dead Trains who pass all too easily as at ease Southerners, and others will also be performing at the Austin Indie Dayfest. There will be free beer provided by Sixpoint Brewery, free nectar of the gods known as Topo Chico and plenty of pool party festivities. Everything starts at noon at the 4705 Harmon Ave!

-Nate Abernethy