OVRLD Recommends: Future Death, Mighty Mountain, Chaos in Tejas and More

Nate Abernethy has a plethora of weekend show options for you to choose from, including a noisy but danceable set at Cheer Up Charlie’s, a Mighty Mountain birthday show at Holy Mountain


Future Death Cheer Up Charlie's

Holy shit. Honestly, you don’t need any help figuring out what to do Friday. There is a serious, serious overdose of amazing shows. Ringo Deathstarr is playing a late show at Hotel Vegas with a slew of openers that have all won our hearts (seriously have you guys listened to Smoking White?), don’t forget the King Khan show at Mohawk with hometown boys Holy Wave kicking things off, my favorite punny band Clit Eastwood is playing Beerland with touring Wisconsin band Deathwish, Detroit-based Protomartyr will also be in town at Holy Mountain with XETAS, who who recently announced their 7” is in the works, and Simple Circuit who put out easily my favorite album of last year and there’s also a sweet sweet lineup over at Hole in The Wall with Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes and Gold Leather headlining. The point is you honestly can’t go wrong no matter what venue you stumble into tonight, but if we’re going to recommend just one then stop by Cheer Up Charlie’s. Future Death is releasing their brand new album Special Victim with the support of the always incredible BLXPLTN, fellow vowel haters NGHT HCKLRS and David Dubois’s new project Born on the Floor. It’s going to be a helluva show starting off at 9, but no matter where you wind up tonight be sure and tell us who blew you away.


Mighty Mountain Holy Mountain

I suppose if you absolutely have to work on your birthday is there any better way than to rock out in front of a crowd of friends and fans? Come help us celebrate Mighty Mountain front man and hopefully shirtless BLXPLTN rocker Jonathan Horstmann’s big 3-0 at the stroke of midnight with a truly stellar lineup throughout the night. The fun and equally soulful Hunter Sharpe will start the night right as he lures you in with crooning ballads just to punch you in the gut with hard-hitting choruses. With songwriting abilities to match his live energy, be sure to arrive early to catch Sharpe as he leads into dream pop trio Denise. Denise’s leading lady Kate Doherty’s alluring voice complimented by fuzzy guitar slanger and key jammer Vinh Ngo’s occasional vocal intrusions creates a sound reminiscent of the shortly lived Cari & Jason Band and the greatly missed Belaire with a fully rounded tempo courtesy of drummer (and Ovrld editor) Morgan Davis. Denise’s early demos from when they were called Stickers are available now for free, or ya know you could throw their hard work a few bucks. Before Mighty Mountain takes the stage though, slick and skillfull rap group Magna Carda will kick the energy up a notch or ten. Look even if you claim rap just isn’t for you and somehow their newest mixtape Van Geaux doesn’t do affect you, just suck it up and come see them live. You will thank me! There’s nothing I can say about headliner Mighty Mountain that you haven’t already seen printed all over this town, or been proven with their epic list of Austin Music Awards. You suckers will show up no matter what, but just be sure to wish Jonathan a happy birthday! …And it wouldn’t hurt to buy me a birthday shot or two as well as I coincidently share his birthday. See you there at Holy Mountain at 9 for only $5!


Chaos in Tejas Holodeck North Door

I know many were disappointed by the lack of plans for this year’s Chaos in Tejas after the epicness of 2013, but don’t fret, bigger doesn’t always equal better. By having just a small weekend this year there’s freedom to make unique choices, and the collaboration with Holodeck Records will only help expand the sound. There’s been a little something for everyone this year, and the closing show on Sunday holds the promise of not just a special mystery guest but amazing performances all around. Prepare yourself for a night full of electronic insanity. This type of show is what the massive North Door is perfectly suited to as a venue, and I’m excited to make a damn fool of myself. Austin based Ssleeperhold will begin the show with dark synth music that rejects minimal and instead builds a burden of vigor as the bass and percussion never ever stops. Then straight from the desert plains of Arizona, Marshstepper’s eerie and ambient tunes will terrify and thrill as they writhe about and possibly light things on fire before Jock Club brings the acid-glazed techno going deep into the night. The year just wouldn’t be complete without a little taste of Chaos in Tejas, and if you’re only able to make it out to one of the weekend shows then this is the one. Don’t miss this one at The North Door, doors at 10 for $5!