Ovrld Presents Destiny’s Gone: A Destiny’s Child Tribute at Swan Dive

Destiny's Child Swan Dive Bateau

Houston, Texas isn’t known for much, and that’s putting it kindly. However, twenty-six years ago in 1990, destiny reared its beautiful face and three pitch-perfect powerhouses (Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams) emerged from the depths of the suffocating cement wasteland to put the “booty” back into R&B. By 1996, the tip-tickling trio was fully formed into the soon to be world renowned powerhouse, Destiny’s Child.  

For the next decade, until their Earth shattering break-up after ten years of unprecedented success, Destiny’s Child straight ruled the world, makin’ us all say their names, and proving to all the haters that no, no, no, “black don’t crack.” By 1999, the writing was on the wall, and Destiny’s Child was the hottest girl group to hit the charts. For the proceeding decade, their sets were sin-sational. Their talent, undeniable. Their bodies, bootylicious, and their destinies, fulfilled. Unfortunately, after a decade of nothing but platinum and gold, D.C. went from a group of soul-filled survivors to independent women, and split in search of sole recognition in the summer of 2005.  

In their decade of prosperity, Destiny’s Child sold over 60 million records, and became the hottest platinum kissed trio of our time. From gospel to Nasty Girl, Destiny’s Child were the girls that ruled the world.  

We at OVRLD are still mourning the loss of our beloved “bug a boos” and feel the need to celebrate our lost Destiny. Thus, we have come together to curate a momentous event to honor the loss of our soul sisters– A Decade Without Destiny: Destiny’s Gone. On Sunday, September 20th, Swan Dive and OVRLD will pair up to bring you the best of the best of Destiny’s Child showcases on two of Austin’s most popular stages. We will be debuting and showcasing the fine vocal styles of female songbird Bateau, a never before seen set starring “the queens” of R&B( a LGBT community showcase of coreo sets and fabulousness starring Avalisa Davenport, Mia Foxx, and Amber Davenport.), showcasing six local DJ’s from all the heavy-hitting local crews (DJ Kay Cali, DJ Jeska, Deehuck, DJ Charlie, DJ shoWgun, and DJ Trademark), a special inclusion releasing the Feedback Alliance’s Destiny’s Child beat challenge round winners, and of course, a photo booth. Oh, and did we mention, DESTINY IS FREE, and we’ll be running drink specials all night.


September 20th.

Swan Dive.



21 and +

What do you have to do on a Sunday night anyways? Come play, your Destiny awaits!