Pop Pistol at Frank

Here at OVRLD we’re champions of the local Austin music scene but on occasion we extend our scope to regional or national acts. This past week, I received a note in my inbox about Pop Pistol who are electro-rockers born from the seemingly-heavier San Antonio scene. These guys have been likened to Jeff Beck but I’m hearing more similarities to The Mars Volta. Pop Pistol’s psychedelic swirling guitar riffs, mesmerizing bass lines and extended drum fills and solos remind me of The Mars Volta’s classic rock infused prog rock. Yet, Pop Pistol’s vocals, lyrics and songs are more accessible than The Mars Volta’s more recent work. Despite this, their songs are emotional, spacey and multi-dimensional. Check out the video below to get a sample of their sound and their performance.

Pop Pistol’s latest release, Disappearing Edges, is a 7 track EP full of the mesmerizing pyschadelic space rock that has earned them a pretty big following in the SA scene. Enjoy a listen at their Bandcamp page or their website.

To catch their live show, head to the gourmet hot dog heaven, Frank, downtown tomorrow night. They’re playing with Making Movies, a contemporary Latin fusion band, for what I’m sure will be a sweet show. C’mon Austinites join me in giving Saytown music a chance.