Pecan Street Festival 2011

With the Hot Sauce Fest, ACL and Ditch the Fest Fest, all happening within the past couple of months, you might be going through festival overload. I know I’m still recovering from the epicness of ACL. But the Pecan Street Festival is definitely not to be missed and is markedly different from these other fests. An Austin staple for 30 years, the Pecan Street fest draws about 300,000 people from all around Texas. This year, the festival will showcase over 600 artisans, artists and musicians and will have more than 20 different food vendors cooking up healthy, not so healthy and also international delights. Apart from being able to grab a medieval-style turkey leg and a fried Snickers at the fest and checking out some great local art, I’m looking forward to the musical lineup.

Spread across two days, and three stages, almost 50 bands will be rocking Pecan Street out and will hopefully be drowning out the sounds coming from the magicians’ stage. The headliners this year are Nakia, of “The Voice” fame, and Grammy-nominated Tortilla Factory. Also on the lineup are some great friends of this blog. For the full lineup, scroll to the bottom of this post and check out our past features of the locals. A couple other bands I would recommend you check out are: Dead Black Hearts and New Roman Times.

Dead Black Hearts

Dead Black Hearts play dark growling songs that toe the line of sweetly melodic and destructively distorted. On their latest release, The Southern Front, Dead Black Hearts include delicate piano melodies backed by heavy-hitting drums and angular guitars. This makes for some distinct textures throughout the record. I can’t wait to hear these songs come alive on the dirty tonight at 5.

Ambush! by dead black hearts

New Roman Times

There is a nice pocket of bands that are borrowing sounds from the late 80’s early 90’s in Austin right now and New Roman Times is one of them. Their songs are a tweaked throwback to the darkwave times when The Chameleons were king. Check out the song below for a sample of their sinister sound and check them out on Sunday at 5 on the Trinity stage.

Belle du Jour by New Roman Times

The Pecan Street Festival is a free event. Hope y’all have a good time!

With the Hot Sauce Fest, ACL, Ditch the Fest Fest, Fun Fun Fun Fest,
Main Stage
NOON RoadHouse Rockers
1:00PM Moving Blues
2:00PM Stupid Drama
3:00PM The Day Tripper Band
5:00PM Hard Proof Afrobeat
6:00PM The Boxing Lesson – Ovrld Feature
7:00PM That Damned Band
8:00PM Tortilla Factory

Trinity Stage
NOON Residual Kid
1:00PM Erin Ivey
2:00PM Ariel Abshire
3:00PM Jaimee Harris
4:00PM Western Ghost House
5:00PM Dead Black Hearts
6:00PM BK & Mr. E – Ovrld Feature
7:00PM MoTel Aviv – Ovrld Feature
8:00PM The Shears – Ovrld Feature

Red River Stage
1:00PM Majestic Revelation
2:00PM Little Radar – Ovrld Feature
3:00PM Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour
4:00PM Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground
5:00PM Haun’s Mill
6:00PM Wild Child – Ovrld Feature
7:00PM The Rajamani Ensemble
8:00PM Digital Antique

Main Stage
NOON Huerta Culture
1:00PM El Tule
2:00PM Son De Rey
3:00PM Maneja Beto
4:00PM Suns of Orpheus
5:00PM Cowboy Donley

Trinity Stage
NOON Les RAV – Ovrld Feature
1:00PM Lux Divon
2:00PM EMCravens
3:00PM Thieving Birds
4:00PM The Sour Notes
5:00PM New Roman Times
6:00PM Ringo Deathstarr – Ovrld Feature

Red River Stage
NOON White Leaf
1:00PM Butcher Slim
2:00PM The River Has Many Voices
3:00PM Andy Barham & the Good Prevails
4:00PM Zest of Yore
6:00PM Leatherbag