Overload’s Free Week 2012

With the beginning of the year, comes Austin’s Free Week, during which you can catch a bevvy of Austin acts for the price of zilch. We at Overload wanted to combine our opinions on which shows are must see so you can make more informed decisions as you plan your free week. Let us know if we missed any shows in the comments and check out our Free Week graphic for a visual depiction of our dream schedules.

Geoff’s Schedule

It is yet again that magical time of year. The only week (other than SXSW) where you can see a near infinite number of bands for nothing at the door.

And unlike SXSW, absolutely every show is free, not to mention the sense of community that occurs around the Red River district.

Considering the mind-blowingly evil WALLER CREEK PROJECT, you should probably see as many shows this week as you can. The Red River District is soon to be a thing of the past.

Here are the shows I recommend:

Tuesday 1/3: Crooks, Whiskey Shivers, Guns of Navarrone @ Mohawk

Wednesday 1/4: Equals, Oh-Look-Out, Boyfrndz, Stereo Is A Lie, Residual Kid @ Antone’s

Thursday 1/5: 101X Homegrown Live @ Mohawk
outside: Maneja Beto, Lemurs, My Education
Inside: BOY, Daniel Francis Doyle, The Sour Notes, One Hundred Flowers, Burgess Meredith

Friday 1/6:
1. Eagle Claw, Fleshlights, Woodgrain, Not in the Face, Dikes of Holland, Este Vato @ Red7 outside
2. Zorch, Attack Formation, B L A C K I E, Sorne and more @ Club Deville

Saturday 1/7: Fresh Millions, Frontier Brothers, Marmalakes, Hello Wheels @ The Parish

Dan’s Schedule

Free week gives me a great chance to catch up on Austin favorites that I just haven’t had a chance to make it out to see. The bands: Equals, Boyfrndz and Mary Ann & The Revival Band are on my list as well as bands I’ve seen a few times that I can’t get enough of. The lineup of Lord Buffalo, Salesman and Little Radar is stellar and Fresh Millions, Frontier Brothers and Marmalakes are not to be missed no matter what Carter tries to sell you. My lineup has a mix of indie folk, electro and more. Enjoy!

Tuesday 1/3: Mary Ann & The Revival Band, Wild Child, Chase Weinacht of Marmalakes, Lonesome Heroes, Amy Annelle & the True Vine,  The Duqaines @ ND

Wednesday 1/4: Equals, Oh-Look-Out, Stereo is a Lie, Boyfrndz, Residual Kid @ Antones

Thursday 1/5: Lord Buffalo, Salesman, Little Radar, Soup @ Skinny’s Ballroom

Friday 1/6: Attack Formation, Zorch, Equals, B L A C K I E, Bali Yaaah, Sorne, Multi-Tracker@ Club Deville

Saturday 1/7: Fresh Millions, Frontier Brothers, Marmalakes, Hello Wheels @ the Parish

Carter’s Schedule

Free Week is like the locals-only version of SXSW. Despite the absence of some OVRLD favorites (paperthreat, MoTel Aviv, The Great Nostalgic, to name but a few), there’s a preponderance of amazing bands to see and difficult decisions to be made every night. In the end, I’ll probably end up hopping from venue to venue each night, but if I had to stay at one venue, these would be the ones. Part of my philosophy is using Free Week to catch bands that I’ve heard about but haven’t heard, mixed in with some old favorites. Some general notes:

-Wednesday’s schedule is not as deep. There is nowhere near the same level of tough decisions to make there as there are for the rest of the week.

-Brownout puts on an amazing show, and Friday at the Beauty Bar should be a barnburner.

-Get to the Swan Dive early on Saturday for the Quiet Company show. That one will be jam-packed.

Tuesday 1/3: Maneja Beto, Este Vato, Manzana Malas, Son De Rey @ The Swan Dive

Wednesday 1/4: Equals, Oh-Look-Out, Stereo is a Lie, Boyfrndz, Residual Kid @ Antone’s

Thursday 1/5: The White White Lights, Black Books, Les Rav, The Clouds are Ghosts @ Stubb’s

Friday 1/6: Brownout, Roxy Roca, Bangaar, Gobi, Bulletproof Tiger @ The Beauty Bar

Saturday 1/7: Quiet Company with The Pons, Stereo is a Lie, Dead Black Hearts, The Dark Water Hymnal @ The Swan Dive


2012 Overload Free Week Picks