Oh Snap Festival Little Lo

On the 27th and the 28th the 50 band deep Oh Snap! Festival will descend upon The Parish and Beale Street Tavern in downtown Austin. Filled with some of the brightest acts that call our city home, the Festival is a must attend event for local music enthusiasts. Tickets will cost you $20 per day or $35 for the 2-day pass and proceeds go towards the Sergio Machado Memorial Scholarship. Grab your tickets here.  They’ll get you into a pre-party this Thursday featuring BOY, Final Exam and more. The tickets are also good for a couple beers during the fest and who says music and beer don’t go well together. We’ll be previewing a few of the bands that you should check out during the fest. First up, is Little Lo.

Little Lo - 'Wounded Knee'

Along with headliners Ume, T Bird and The Breaks and others, I’m very excited to check out Little Lo live for the first time during this weekend’s fest. Hailed as one of the Best New Austin Bands in 2011 by The Austin Music Awards, Little Lo has already built up a significant amount of buzz around their at times cacophonous and at other times melodic indie folk. And throughout 2011, Little Lo has really proven what all the excitement is about. With their 6-track album, A Poison Tree, the septet have put out an intriguing album filled with bombastic swells and intriguing orchestration. Violins, bells, horns and more fill out the expansive sound of Little Lo that I’ve heard only sounds more full live.

We’ve featured Little Lo on our top songs list and on our top EPs countdown. Wounded Knee is a great single that encapsulates Little Lo’s emotion-infused folk while the EP on a whole is outstanding in its range and the deep cuts are standout as well. We are definitely excited to see where Little Lo goes in 2012. They’ve just finished up a West Coast tour and are planning on further supporting A Poison Tree throughout the year. For more information about Little Lo check out their site here or check out the full lineup of the Oh Snap! Festival here.

– Dan