Oh Snap Festival: Hello Wheels

The newest single from folk band Hello Wheels will transport you directly to the streets of New Orleans. Okay, I can’t verify that you’ll literally get there from listening to it, but “Summer’s in the Sun” will give you a great taste of what a good night in the Big Easy sounds like.

The song opens with a fantastic, bluesy trumpet part, followed by the insanely fun banjo and foot-stomping mix Hello Wheels fans have come to expect. The song really picks up early on, leaving it impossible for listeners to stop tapping along. Just wait until you subconsciously start trying to join in on some of the smooth harmonies they pull off. Believe me, I’m no folk musician – the song is just that catchy.

Hello Wheels - 'Summer's in the Sun'

The new single showcases a lot of the best elements from the band’s debut EP “Baby John the Fox,” put out in June of 2011. The debut exhibits a wide range of the group’s styles and interests. The album is undeniably a folk collection, but each song is distinct compared to the others. Upbeat, slow, melodic, twangy, mature, playful – you’re unsure what the next song will bring, and the album as a whole seems to bring you through a nice sampler of the many sides of the band.

Hello Wheels has been busy since releasing that first EP – they just completed a residency at the Cactus Café (where “Summer’s in the Sun” was recorded live), have been playing all around town and recently finished up a split 7” record with friends Whiskey Shivers. The split is appropriately titled “Friends Do Things Together” and will be debuted at the Scoot Inn on February 10th. Seeing as we at Overload are already big fans of Whiskey Shivers, the joint shindig of these two great bands should be a blast.

If you want to check out the band sooner, head over to their website or Facebook page. Hello Wheels will also be playing at the Oh Snap! Festival this Friday where you can watch them from 4:15 to 4:45 at the Parish Stage. This band is definitely worth getting downtown early for, so get ready for a fun start to the official festival.

– Aly