We hope y’all have been enjoying our 2011 countdowns of Austin’s best music. We will commence the EP countdown later this week and the LP countdown later next week. In the meantime though, we definitely wanted to let you know about an epic New Year’s Eve party going down at Cheer Up Charlies. In celebration of Tamara’s (CUC’s owner) birthday and the impending doom that 2012 will bring us, The Sour Notes via No Play Music, are throwing a bash complete with 9 acts, free champagne, free pizza, gift card giveaways and more for only $5. You’ll recognize most of the acts if you’re even just a semi-frequent reader of this blog or if you’ve checked out our recent breakdown of the top 50 Austin songs.

The full set list comprises: Ringo Deathstarr, TV Torso, The Sour Notes, The Zoltars, Sleep Good, Marmalakes, Young Girls, Gold Spine and Mouthfeel closing out the night with a DJ set. There’s going to be a little something for everyone at this jam packed show. If you’re looking for a psychedelia-filled new year enjoy Ringo Deathstarr. For the more indie pop inclined, Sleep Good are on at 11:20pm. I’m looking forward to sipping up some “Dream Tea” during my NYE.

I also want to encourage y’all to check out The Zoltars. Spawned from a battle with mono and named after the fortune telling arcade machine whose visions of my future have been spookily spot on, The Zoltars harken back to the days of protopunk. Led by Jared Leibowich (Jared Zoltar,) the band has recently landed a spot in SXSW. Listen for the Lou Reed/Velvet Underground influence coming out in their stripped-down tunes. The Zoltars have just finished their hotly anticipated debut LP which is set to release in 2012 check out “Lost from Long Ago” from that album below.

Also, find a list of the set times and a link to Ovrld’s past coverage of featured bands playing the NYE show below. To listen to tunes from each of the bands set to play scroll down to the Soundcloud playlist at the bottom of the page. Enjoy NYE!

940-1010 (30): The Zoltars
1120-1150 (30): Sleep Good – http://ovrld.com/ovrld-shares/sleep-good-plays-well/

NORTH Stage-
840-910 (30): Gold Spine
1050-1120 (30): The Sour Notes
12-1245 (45): Ringo Deathstarr – http://ovrld.com/ovrld-shares/ringo-deathstarr-are-killing-it/

1245-2- MouthFeel DJ Set

EAST Stage-
810-840 (30): Young Girls
910-940 (30): Marmalakes – http://ovrld.com/shows/marmalakes-even-clothed-ep/
1010-1050 (40): TV Torso – http://ovrld.com/shows/fun-fun-fun-fest-preview-tv-torso/