Not in the Face

Being sick, as much as it sucks, has many advantages. It’s a built-in excuse to lie around and do nothing, watch TV, surf the internet, many of the things I love doing but don’t have as much time for what with life happening and all. As I lie here reveling in my own brand of summer cold, I keep coming back to Austin duo Not in the Face. As with James and the Douchebags, don’t write these guys off just because of their potentially off-putting name. This a band of serious rockers that you need to be paying attention to.

Not in the Face has been getting quite a bit of attention lately based on their debut album, Bikini, and it’s easy to see why. From emotional ballads like “So Cool” to raucous rockers like “Brass Tacks,” the album manages a surprising range for just two guys. The songwriting is engaging, lead singer Jonathan Terrell has a vicious voice, and there is energy in every single song. The album barely cracks a half hour, but is full of ideas. If you’re a fan of Bruce Springsteen, the Black Keys or the Gaslight Anthem, then check out “Downtown Girl” below:

Not in the Face - Downtown Girl

Check out their live show – undoubtedly awesome – on Friday, June 10th at ND at 501 Studios. And we’ll keep an eye out for where you can get a hold of the full album.