Midgetmen 10 Year Anniversorry

Photo by Maurice

On Friday, local punk band The Midgetmen will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary (or “Anniversorry”) at the Mohawk with a HUGE bill of local bands. We’ve worked with them before on this very site, and they are wonderful people, so we wanted to do something to help celebrate the occasion. Thus, since it’s their tenth anniversary, we thought we would ask them for some top 10 lists. So below, the Midgetmen present several of their top 10s based on their vast career experience, and we hope you all enjoy them and that we see you at the Mohawk on Friday! Happy Anniversary, guys!

Top 10 favorite Midgetmen songs to play live
1. King Kong
2. The Dream
3. Shitbox
4. Beer’s Gone
5. Gone Away
6. Goodbye
7. Mr. Salesboat
8. Land Mansion
9. Race to the Bottom
10. Strap It On

Top 10 Beverages to drink at practice
1-8. Beer (watery domestic)
9. Beer (IPA of some sort)
10. Water

Top 10 influences on the band
1. All mediocre rock bands
2. Titus Andronicus
3. Hold Steady
4. Built To Spill
5. Dinosaur Jr
6. Neil Young
7. Joe Strummer
8. The E Street Band
9. Richard Lloyd
10. Wrens

Top 10 things we’d be doing if we weren’t in The Midgetmen
1. Working more
2. Sleeping more
3. Seeing family and friends more
4. Drinking less
5. Lifting heavy amps up and down stairs less
6. Sitting in bars for 6 hrs before we play less
7. Spending 100s of hours learning weird al songs less
8. Normal hobbies — in which case we would spontaneously combust and cease to exist
9. Regretting never being in a mediocre band for 10 years
10. Being in an even more mediocre band with Marc

Top 10 favorite venues to play (in/out of Austin)
1. Kirby’s Beer Store – Wichita, KS
2. Mohawk – Austin, TX
3. Red 7 – Austin, TX
4. Hole In The Wall – Austin, TX
5. Parish – Austin, TX
6. Emo’s – Austin, TX
7. Lovejoy’s – Austin, TX
8. Stubb’s – Austin, TX
9. The entire city of Abilene, TX
10. The 49’r – Omaha, NE