Marmalakes – Even Clothed EP

Tonight marks the release of local trio Marmalakes‘ newest EP, Even Clothed.

At their live performances, Marmalakes has got to be one of the most dynamic bands I have come across. Their ability to start and stop, and beyond that, to achieve extreme changes in volume is pretty remarkable.

Even Clothed kicks off with the track that showcases those abilities the most. “Geneva Hall”, which would likely be the single from this record, frantically changes from quiet near-whispering lyrics, to loud bombastic instrumental bridges. It’s quite a well-written song too. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one starts popping up on local radio stations.

This EP quickly shifts into a more somber vibe, and never again reaches the energy of it’s first track. It’s obviously intentional. It seems Marmalakes are venturing into more folk-ish and contemplative songs.

The second track, “Colour of Defeat”, is slow and soulful and takes quite a while to develop. It’s an interesting change from the first song, and the pacing of the entire EP is similarly unpredictable. Another highlight in the record is “Red Metal Rescue”, which builds into a large swelling of orchestral instruments toward the end.

What I find actually the most salient about this collection of songs is the sounds used. The drums are mic’d and played in a way that brings out all of their dynamics, and there is some experimenting with recordings of some non-instruments (maybe physical objects and toys, almost like foley art).

Definitely give Even Clothed a listen, but more importantly check out their show tonight at the Blue Theater.

It happens real soon now, so don’t miss your chance to see them live.