La Loteria 2011

Usually, we feature bands on this site that we think are playing the best local music out right now. But for this weekend, I’m encouraging you to check out some bands that I and in fact nobody else has ever heard play even a single note before. This Saturday, Red 7 is putting on their bi-annual La Loteria, the notorious random band generation event. At La Loteria, local Austin musicians are randomly drafted into a new band consisting of other randomly drafted musically-inclined cohorts. This newly formed band then takes a band photo – simultaneous-jump-in-the-air band photos aren’t frowned upon – and take a few hours to come up with their new band’s name. Apparently in the past, there have been some outstanding band names. Afrobocop and The JetBlue Man Group seem to be the ones to top. In keeping with the random theme, bands can opt to leave it up to the rock gods and let the random band name generator decide their fate. After the important band naming process, band members are encouraged to practice a few songs and ready their up to 35 minute set for the showcase scheduled for the following night.

I am definitely anticipating some crazy ensembles being created through this process and will be slightly disappointed if I don’t hear at least one band with with dual or triple bass guitar instrumentation. Be sure to come out and witness what our local musicians have to offer and hear original music from bands with perhaps a very short half life.

Also, I know that quite a good number of our readers are musicians and I want to encourage each one of you to participate in this social, musical and collaborative experiment. Musicians of all genres and skill sets can participate and should.

To sign up to participate:
and provide the following information:
Current band (if applicable):
Previous bands (if applicable):
Instrument played:

To spectate, just show up at Red 7 on Saturday night at 9pm. The show is free.