Just Ask the Axis Showcase: The Rich Hands

Next up in our series of Just Ask The Axis show previews are The Rich Hands. These young garage rockers hail from San Antonio. And although we normally try to stick to covering bands from the boundaries of our fine capital city,  we do rarely extend our coverage to highlight some of the exceptional bands doing their thing outside of the ATX.

This is definitely the case for The Rich Hands whose unique sound harkens back to early 60s garage rock ala The Sonics. Their  breed of garage rock mashes up fuzzy guitars, soulful singing and blues riffs. Cody the lead singer’s voice is perfect for this genre of music and can leap from caterwaul to melodic croon in quick succession.

The crew of former high school buds just released a 7-track album titled Girl and it rocks. On the album you’ll find harmonica riffs, hand clap percussion, groovy guitar solos and more. Some of my favorite moments on the album come when the songs are turned into almost psych rock breakdowns like on “Heartbreaker” and “Can’t Get Enough of You.” I’m definitely excited to see these songs come even more alive on Saturday. Check out the title track below and hop on over to The Rich Hands’ Bandcamp page to stream their latest album.

We’ve got a couple more details for you regarding the party on Saturday. Below is the set list and also, there’s going to be a great beer promo going on too. Hops & Grain Brewery a local craft beer company will be providing a free keg of their Alteration German Pilsner from 4p to 8p so come out and grab a free brew early. You’ll be able to catch The Rich Hands too who play at 6:30p. See y’all there.

Outside Stage Times Inside Stage Times
6pm Genuine Leather 6:30pm The Rich Hands
7pm La Snacks 7:30pm Dangeresque
8pm BOY 8:30pm The Blackwells
9pm Three Leaf 9:30pm War Party
10pm Tiger Waves 11:10pm A Sky Jet Black
11pm Waldo & the Naturals 10:20pm Politics
12:00am Magnificent Snails
1:00am The Sweet Nuthin’