Ovrld Recommends: The Harms, $3 Shows, SpaceFace and More

The end is nigh! Summer is nearing its eventual demise and the daily grind will soon be back upon us. Why don’t you put off the inevitable this weekend and spend it with us catching local favorites The French Inhales, dropping a measly $3 to party with the coolest kids in town at Swan Dive or welcoming Memphis band SpaceFace as they take you on a bluesy acid trip of a musical journey. – Nate Abernethy


The French Inhales The Harms The Sun Machine Hole in the Wall

We’ve ranted and raved about The French Inhales at length already. Their garage overtones mixed with pedal pushing, shoulder-swaying hooks create a unique dynamic that at times combine emo-tinged whines reminiscent of Mikey Erg with a fully fledged layering of post punk noise that still manages to deliver contagious anthemic hits. As if that wasn’t enough reason to stop by Hole In The Wall on a Friday night, I’m even more excited to share with you a recent revelation in my life: The Harms are fucking amazing. They’re downright sassy with tracks that constantly dare you to expect your wildest dreams because you’ll still be surprised. “Breaking Careless Beds” off their She Turns album intros like a jazzy a pulp detective TV movie, and then cranks up the seduction with psychedelic, echoing harmonies Warpaint wishes they could hit that melt into restrained garage bass thumps. Hard hitting girl rock, Motown-esque choruses and jangly garage numbers: The Harms have it all. Joining them will be the mad scientist experimenters The Sun Machine as they soothe and serenade with lo-fi psych-pop journeys that throw you in a time machine and jumble your ears so much you’ll forget whether you went into the past or the future. Everything starts at 9 at Hole In The Wall!



$3 Dollar Shows Swan Dive

The fact of the matter is you just really don’t have any excuse not to be here Saturday and why would you want one anyways? If you don’t believe The Statesmen or KUTX, believe me. Les RAV’s guiding force and the mastermind behind $3 shows, Lauren Bruno, has put together an amazing event that reflects her beautiful spirit and relentless drive with over twelve talented musical acts, live comedy, jaw-dropping performance art, a plethora of different crafty vendors and a million more ways to keep your night entertaining with all proceeds going towards Energies Balanced, a donation based yoga studio. Groove monsters Wonderbitch will be among the numerous performers as their synthy serenades keep you dancing throughout the night. Joining them indoors will be Other Lovers, raucous rock n rollas that have a boot stompin’ honky tonk energy but transcend any genre as they delve into everything from soulful folk numbers to fast paced blues leaning rock. Meanwhile there will be a whole other stage out back with some crazy acrobatics, tunes and a performance by Austin electronic artist Artificial Earth Machine as he entrances you with everything from video game blips and bloops, grainy VHS sampling and live vocal harmonies. As per its namesake, its only $3 and it starts at 7:30pm at Swan Dive, see you there!




If you’re looking to spend your Sunday with some dudes you know you can rely on but also get a taste of something different then look no further. Fuzzed out surf poppers Shivery Shakes and straight from outer space chillwave Isaiah The Mosaic are welcoming renowned Memphis psych rockers SpaceFace to Mohawk’s stage. Their garage influenced mumbly space ventures take listeners to psychedelic landscapes and they never neglect to carry with them a high energy rock sensibility. With Isaiah The Mosaic’s dreamy tripped out stylings starting the night off right and the promise of having the pleasure of seeing Shivery Shakes light up the stage this is the perfect way to wrap up your weekend. Doors are at 9pm at Mohawk!