Today is one of the more exciting random days of the year in Austin – HAAM Day! And no, that doesn’t stand for “Hard As A Motherfucker” Day, and to my knowledge there will be no collaboration between Kanye and Jay-Z here in town. Instead this a benefit for the Health Alliance of Austin Musicians, an organization that provides health insurance to local musicians. Across 85 venues, musicians will be invading the city all day. Admittedly, there are a lot of artists playing that I’ve never heard of (though I think I want to hear about Dahebegebees). However, some OVRLD favorites will be out and about. Quiet Company – a real favorite of mine – is keeping busy, playing an early morning set at 9 a.m. at Whole Foods and a 4:30 gig at Waterloo Records (at least they don’t have to move the equipment far…). Unfortunately, the epic Not in the Face is playing at 4:45 at Phil’s Ice House on Burnet Road. Conjunto masters Los Texas Wranglers are playing at 7 p.m. at Discount Electronics on Manchaca. Country stars Reckless Kelly will follow Quiet Company at Waterloo Records at 7:30 p.m. There are, though, three other artists that we haven’t covered that I would love to catch, and hope I do.

Dana Falconberry – 12 p.m. at Oxford Commercial on Cesar Chavez.

Falconberry has a nice acoustic, jazzy sound. Her spare instrumentation lends an older feel to her aesthetic, and her voice – along with the harmonies with her backing singers – is intriguing. I wanted to do a piece on her a while ago, but somebody never got back to me! Dana, the offer’s still open.

Vallejo – 9 p.m. at One-2-One Bar.

One of Austin’s premiere Latin Rock groups, Vallejo have been rocking out for almost a decade and a half now. The above “Snake in the Grass,” from 1998’s Beautiful Life, seems to have gotten some play on True Blood, but after seeing them in a parking lot at SXSW this year, I would vouch for their entire set.

MC Overlord – 11:30 p.m. at One-2-One Bar.

MC Overlord has been laying it down for even longer than Vallejo, and, considering that, he continues to sound remarkably current. He manages an old-school feel with beats that are more like early 2000’s underground rap (like The Coup or People Under the Stairs). Another artist I’ve been trying to write about for a couple of months now, we’ll definitely be spending more time with MC Overlord when his next album comes out early next year.

We hope you enjoy HAAM Day! Get out there, see some music and support the artists that help make this city so interesting, fun and unique.