Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: The OBN III’s

Over the next few days, we’ll be previewing many of the Austin bands playing at Fun Fun Fun Fest next weekend. Sure, you know Okkervil River and Black Joe Lewis. Avid readers of this site, or fans of Austin music in general will already be familiar with Schmillion and Speak. But there are a dozen other local artists also gracing the stage at this year’s FFF Fest. Who are they? Follow this series to be prepared for these acts and to make the most out of your time at Auditorium Shores.

The OBN III’s are practically synonymous with their home base venue, Beerland. They play the kind of dirty, loose rock and roll that befits a dark, divey place like that (in all the best ways – love you, Beerland!). Yet, the OBN III’s should translate well onto the larger stage of FFF Fest. They come at you with a ton of energy from start to finish. A lot of people who have written about them compare the group to the Stooges for their 70s grunge-y/punk vibe. I hear that, but I kind of hear more of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers in singer Orville Neely’s laconic delivery and the accessibility of their songs.

The OBN III's - That's No Way to Rock n' Roll

Right now, they just have the “That’s No Way to Rock n’ Roll” single (with it’s awesome chorus) on their bandcamp page, backed with “Got More Love,” which both exemplify the OBN III’s punkish approach. I also found a couple of songs reviewed on The Styrofoam Drone that sound even more lo-fi. Having not seen them live before, this is all I have to go on, but it’s a compelling set of songs that burst forth with energy and fun. Perfectly suited for the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Check them out on the Black Stage Sunday at 1:05p.m. And go to their bandcamp page to get the full single and throw them a little support.

– Carter