Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: Auto Body

This year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest has a solid lineup of electronic acts. From Passion Pit to Neon Indian to Four Tet, those looking to get their electro-inspired dance on will surely not be disappointed. Another electro act to pencil into your Fun Fun Fun Fest schedule is Auto Body. This local duo fuses chopped-up samples with funky bass lines, synth leads and even some vocals to create danceable synth rock. Although not as dirty as The Faint or Justice, I could see fans of those groups definitely getting into Auto Body’s rock-infused sound. The group has caught on nationally after the release of their debut LP, Priest Party, which is full of booty shaking beats and intriguing samples. Priest Party is available at Auto Body’s Bandcamp page for whatever price you want. Enjoy it.

Unlike some other electro groups, these guys play their songs live. They don’t just push play on some fancy looking dj set up and try to look cool. Tibaut and Felix are operating the samplers and synths right before your eyes. Something else that really stood out for me with Auto Body was the awesome bass guitar work. Felix, who also plays with the band Future Rock, definitely knows how to jam out some funk bass, slapping and popping the melodic grooves throughout Auto Body’s songs.

Below is one of the latest releases from Auto Body. But you can check out their SoundCloud or Bandcamp pages for some more jams.

Auto Body - Can't Forget You

Catch Auto Body at 2pm on Friday at the Blue Stage for a mid-afternoon indie electro dance party.

– Dan