Free Week 2013!


Free Week is the greatest week in local Austin music every year – the week when all eyes in town are focused on our spectacular local musicians (unlike SXSW, ACL, etc). It’s already well underway, and if you haven’t been out to experience it, then you may be in the minority. Two years ago, I was able to bounce around between venues like nothing but this past Saturday night, I encountered multiple venues at full capacity before midnight. How times change.

This past weekend, though, was just the first taste of a week full of deliciousness. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the rest of the week:


With only seven shows to choose from, this qualifies as a terribly light day on the Free Week schedule. My pick for the night is Holy Mountain – Les RAV, Holiday Mountain, Bitter Birds, Migrant Kids and Language Room.

Other OVRLD favorites playing Monday are Bobby Jealousy and members of The Couch at Hotel Vegas, and Serafia Jane at Club Deville.


Fourteen shows are in play on Tuesday in Free Week, and again I have to recommend Holy Mountain’s lineup with Grape St, Golden Boys, Shivery Shakes, Broken Gold and Gentleman Rogues.

Other OVRLD favorites playing Tuesday include: The League of Extraordinary G’z at Red 7, Knifight and My Empty Phantom at the Mohawk, and Frank Smith at Hotel Vegas. The lineup at The Parish is also a great cross section of promising Austin artists with Gorgeous Hands, Calliope Musicals, Befriend the Bears, Three Leaf and Danny Malone playing at the acoustically awesome venue.


There’s no clear standout lineup here, but there are several outstanding artists playing. You may want to look into Shakey Graves at the Parish, Bobby Jealousy‘s Sabrina at the Fox Tavern, The Sweet Nuthin at the Hole in the Wall, Georgette at the Parish Underground, The Whalers and Grape St (again) at Red 7.


We’re back at Holy Mountain tonight, since they’re sporting the fantastic bill of Whiskey Shivers, Wiretree, Slowtrain, Holiday Style, and Guns of Navarone.

Again, though, more OVRLD favorites are around town: Impalers at Beerland, The Sour Notes at Red 7, Lean Hounds and Frank Smith (again) at the Mohawk playing the Pau Wau Records showcase with other labelmates. Major Major Major is going to be at Hotel Vegas, The Couch, The Pons and The Lonesome Heroes are at Club Deville, and My Education and Equals will be at the Beauty Ballroom.

As for Friday and Saturday night…well, that will have to wait until later in the week. In the meantime, I hope this helps you make the most of the best week of the year.

– Carter