Ditch The Fest Fest: Total Unicorn

If you don’t know already, Ditch the Fest Fest 2 is the 75 band deep festival spread across 5 different local venues. Not only will this event feature a good number of the best ATX bands out there, but there will also be free beer, belly dancing, screen printing, a moon bounce, dream catcher making and more. And all for the price of 5 bucks.

Apart from weaving a device that will shield me from bad dreams for the rest of my life, what I am excited about for Ditch the Fest Fest 2 is the amount of great electronic musicians in the lineup. Insect Records artists: Butcher Bear, Soundfounder and more will be playing as will Botany and How I Quit Crack. All of these artists are keeping the electro scene in Austin pumping and I was lucky enough to catch a few of them at the Exploded Drawing events.

Total Unicorn, a vj and dj duo, will be playing at the Scoot Inn at 9:20p in a slot between Bitter Birds and The Noise Revival Orchestra. From what I’ve seen and heard, Total Unicorn put on a mind blowing show complete with intriguingly looped samples, heavy bass beats and alternative percussion backbones. Alongside the sonic elements of Total Unicorn are the intense visuals. Often performing in light-up horse head masks, the pair definitely know how to stimulate the visual cortex too. Put the screensaver-esque visuals of amateur vjs out of your mind because Total Unicorn definitely know how to animate. For a sample of their show watch the video below and prepare for a trip.

Also, check out the links below for ovrld coverage of some of the bands that will be playing at Ditch the Fest Fest 2 this Saturday or view the schedule here.
Cheer Up Charlie’s
2:40 – BK & Mr. E
4:40 – FM Campers
8:00 – My Empty Phantom
10:20 – Gold Beach
11:00 – Mother Falcon

Red 7
11:30 – My Education
12:00 – La Snacks

The Beauty Bar
6:20 – The Eastern Sea

The Scoot Inn
10:10 – Noise Revival Orchestra
11:00 – Les Rav
11:50 – Shakey Graves

Club De Ville
10:00 – Not in the Face