Ditch the Fest Fest: SuperLiteBike

Also playing at Ditch the Fest Fest 3 this year is a group we’ve been hearing a good amount of buzz about – SuperLiteBike. Apart from the awesome band name, there are a lot of reasons for you to go check these guys out: strong vocal harmonies and their interesting choice of instrumentation are just a couple reasons. They’re music is difficult to describe since it infuses a bunch of different genres but the main influences to me sound like: indie, rock and experimental. There are definitely pop leanings in the songs so don’t be scared away by the experimental part of the mix. SuperLiteBike’s music doesn’t feature belabored lengthy noise solos or exceedingly discordant explorations that may turn some off to the experimental rock genre. Instead you’ll hear melodic synth parts, noise-infused crescendoes, alternative song structures, effects-laden guitars and soaring vocal harmonies. Some of these elements are carried over from the members’ previous bands – A Pocketful of Deng and the War Against Sleep which hit the scene in the mid 2000s.

Bringing SuperLiteBike into the glow of local praise was their debut album Away We Go released in 2010. After giving that album a few spins, it was difficult for me to choose a song to feature. But the seventh track “Home” seemed to capture a lot of SuperLiteBike’s strengths including: vocal harmonies, interesting guitar effects processing and feverish beats. Check out the track below.

SuperLiteBike - 'Home'

Another standout track off Away We Go is “Raise The Colors” be sure to check it out at SuperLiteBike’s SoundCloud Page if you liked what you heard above. Unfortunately, it seems that SuperLiteBike hasn’t put out much new music since Away We Go but they are said to be working on it – no release date has been set for a follow-up release though. SuperLiteBike plays at the Chapel stage at 7:30pm tonight and are just a part of the extensive and strong lineup playing the Lucy the Poodle event. So be sure to head out to SpiderHouse for the set and for the lineup chock full of our local faves.