Ovrld Recommends: Cortextures, Angers Festival and more

by Morgan Davis

Ovrld Recommends

Hopefully you’re all recovered from Fun Fun Fun Fest because we certainly aren’t. This weekend might not be as action packed as FFF but there are still some fantastic events we’ll be dragging our bruised, achey bodies out to. Care to join us?


Cortextures Videoing De Palma Spider House

Spider House has an eclectic, bold event going on tonight, with a number of excellent local musicians pairing up with video artists to create “Cortextures,” a synthesis of music and film. It’s an intriguing idea and one that we hope takes off since more and more Austin bands are emerging that seem perfectly suited to film and art collaborations. The selection on this bill is already top notch, as synth minimalists De Palma, electro popsters Videoing and Ruth Smith of atmospheric post-punkers Pale Dian are all represented.


Angers Day

You might not know this, but Angers, France is Austin’s official sister city, and that European town has an Austin Week to celebrate how awesome we all are. This year some Austinites got together to return the appreciation with Angers Day, a day long event that stretches across five venues and showcases French music, cuisine, films, artists and cocktails. Perhaps the best representatives of this crosscontinental collab are Lou Rebecca, a band of Francs who relocated to Austin and have been morphing into a more electronic-leaning French pop outfit, like an icier Prototypes. Our only questions is: why wasn’t Crooked Bangs booked for this?


Elix-R Cheer Up Charlie's

Cheer Up Charlie’s has a trio of ferocious punk groups from all over Texas on Sunday, all in support of the Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria art showFeral Future is the most notable, but I’m sure you’ve heard us go on about them here at Ovrld before, so instead let’s take a look at their bill-mates. Elix-R are a Denton (or maybe Houston now?) group that sounds like an even lower-fi early Sleater-Kinney, while Soy Babies hail from Fort Worth and practice the kind of sludgy sonics that would do Austin legends Scratch Acid proud. From the looks of the photos of their shows online, they put on a hell of a show, too.



Morgan Davis sells bootleg queso on the streets of Austin in order to fund Loser City, the multimedia collective he co-runs. When he isn’t doing that, he gets complimented and/or threatened by Austin’s musical community for stuff he writes at Ovrld, which he is the Managing Editor of.