Celebrate Anti-Fascist Struggle Day with La Snacks

Billed as an Anti-Fascist Struggle Day celebration, La Snacks and Blue Kabuki will be playing Wednesday night at Red 7. La Snacks have been in the Austin music scene since the mid-2000s and they gained widespread local acclaim (here, here and here) for their 2008 LP, Newfangled. Newfangled was a throwback to the early 90’s with energetic, gritty but not heavy guitar lines and smart lyrics. The instrumentation was simple: guitar, piano, drums, bass and vocals. That’s it. No synthesizers, looped effects or strange pseudo-percussive instruments made appearances on any of the 6 tracks of Newfangled.

La Snacks is back in 2011 with the recent release AA a two song EP in which the band retains their trim instrumentation and continues to showcase their intelligent songwriting. This time around, the songs sound a little less lo-fi and a little more poppy. Check out the song “Christ Sakes and Milkshakes” below off the new EP.

La Snacks - Christ Sakes and Milkshakes

Blue Kabuki will also help you celebrate Anti-Fascist Struggle Day. The two-piece band plays no-nonsense rock a la My Bloody Valentine or the Jesus & Mary Chain. Check out this loud two-piece at their Bandcamp Page or their Facebook Page.

Blue Kabuki - Stories